Ninja Cruise

忍者船 Ninja Cruise

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忍者船 Ninja Cruise


忍者船 Ninja Cruise

Dotonborigawa River

“Ninja Cruise” is an Osaka sightseeing tour, where passengers can dress in ninja costumes and enjoy the view of the Water Metropolis from the river.

Passengers board the boat in Hachiken-yahama, Temmabashi. The tour then heads for the Dotonborigawa River via the floodgate on Higashi-Yokobori gawa River, where the boat will turn back to Nipponbashi and drop off passengers.
Ninja Training and Sightseeing Course !  
Time: About 1 hour, Boarding Course Map
●Ninja Experience/Change into full ninja attire (Shirt, pants, and hood or hachigane*), how to use the katana, battling a ninja, using the shuriken and a souvenir photo.
*forehead protector

* The ninja experience finishes once the boat arrives at the Nipponbashi Hachiken-yahama. However, it is possible for passengers to remain on board to disembark at the Hachiken-yahama Pier (Time: 1 hour 30 minutes) for no extra fees.

The opening of this season has ended.
Please check → calendar
Operation: Saturday to Tuesday/
(1)From April 16th to May 15th & After July / 5:00pm, (2)From May 19th to the end of June 5:30pm

We will operate with more than 3 adults or 2 adult + 2 children.

★Priority will be given to the charter.★
★We may ask you to change the time.★
Please arrive at the dock at least 10 minutes before the departure time.
*Operations may be canceled depending on weather and water conditions.
*The departure time may be delayed due to weather or boarding procedures.
Adult : 4,500 yen Child : 3,500 yen
Charter 30,000 yen ( The number of participants: 8 persons)

*Children : 2 years old or older up to the age of a sixth grader
*Price includes: Boat ride, ninja attire rental fee, tax
8 people per trip
Make reservations for participation.
See the calendar and fill in the application form.
If it is less than minimum number of participants by 3 days in advance, it will be canceled.
Accepts reservations from 3 months prior to departure date and up to 2 hours prior to departure. If there is availability, you can make reservations for the same day.
Payment on that day will be cash only.
Please arrive at the dock at least 10 minutes before the departure time.
Boarding Location
Hachikenyahama Pier → Map
Keihan Main Line “Temmabashi Station” ticket gate floor, near EXIT(17).
From subway Temmabashi Station soon.
Disembark Location
Nipponbashi Bridge Boat Dock → Map
From subway Nipponbashi Station EXIT(2) soon.
[How to cancel]
You need to inform us of your cancellation by e-mail. After that, we’ll answer your e-mail. Your cancellation will be completed when you receive our e-mail.
[Cancellation Fee]
Cancellation fee varies depending on the day when your cancellation is completed.
2 days prior, 10% of fee
1 day prior, 30% of fee
Same day, 100% of fee
The cancellation fee will be free if the reservation is to be rescheduled due to bad weather. If the reservation must be canceled due to bad weather, the cancellation fee will also be free (However, you will be charged a processing fee for refunds).

  • To ensure safety, people who are intoxicated and/or possess any dangerous substance or item that the captain determines as a problem may be refused to board the boat.
  • The final determination of weather conditions will be made two hours before departure. However, in cases of strong winds, typhoon and storms the trip may be canceled even during the journey.
  • You are permitted to bring drinks and snacks. However, please take home any trash from drinks and snacks you bring on board.
  • The boat is nonsmoking; please refrain from smoking.
  • During boarding procedure and in any emergencies, please follow the guidance and instruction of the captain and staff members.
  • Please wear the life vest over your clothes.
  • You may not bring any pets on board. Exceptions apply for guide dogs, service dogs or hearing dogs but require a prior notice.
  • The boat can only be docked for 10 minutes. Please be at the dock on time for boarding.

Ninja cruise Application Form

the calendar and fill in the application form.
1)After we receive your application, we will email the tentative reservation from the secretariat.
2)After three or more applicants are received, we’ll send you the e-mail where the contents of your application and the information about the payment are written.

Ninja Cruise Application Form

Date (Mandatory)

Course (Mandatory)